This section contains notes specific to the ActiveScript installation.

ActiveScript is a windows only SAPI that enables you to use PHP script in any ActiveScript compliant host, like Windows Script Host, ASP/ASP.NET, Windows Script Components or Microsoft Scriptlet control.

As of PHP 5.0.1, ActiveScript has been moved to the PECL repository. You may download this PECL extension DLL from the PHP Downloads page or at

Note: You should read the manual installation steps first!

After installing PHP, you should download the ActiveScript DLL (php5activescript.dll) and place it in the main PHP folder (e.g. C:\php).

After having all the files needed, you must register the DLL on your system. To achieve this, open a Command Prompt window (located in the Start Menu). Then go to your PHP directory by typing something like cd C:\php. To register the DLL just type regsvr32 php5activescript.dll.

To test if ActiveScript is working, create a new file, named test.wsf (the extension is very important) and type:
<job id="test">
 <script language="PHPScript">
  $WScript->Echo("Hello World!");
Save and double-click on the file. If you receive a little window saying "Hello World!" you're done.

Note: In PHP 4, the engine was named 'ActivePHP', so if you are using PHP 4, you should replace 'PHPScript' with 'ActivePHP' in the above example.

Note: ActiveScript doesn't use the default php.ini file. Instead, it will look only in the same directory as the .exe that caused it to load. You should create php-activescript.ini and place it in that folder, if you wish to load extensions, etc.