(PHP 4 >= 4.0.3, PHP 5)

register_tick_function --  Register a function for execution on each tick


bool register_tick_function ( callback function [, mixed arg [, mixed ...]] )

Registers the function named by func to be executed when a tick is called. Also, you may pass an array consisting of an object and a method as the func.

Example 1. register_tick_function() example

// using a function as the callback
register_tick_function('my_function', true);

// using an object->method
$object = new my_class();
register_tick_function(array(&$object, 'my_method'), true);


register_tick_function() should not be used with threaded webserver modules. Ticks are not working in ZTS mode and may crash your webserver.

See also declare and unregister_tick_function().