(PHP 3 >= 3.0.1, PHP 4, PHP 5)

imagettfbbox -- Give the bounding box of a text using TrueType fonts


array imagettfbbox ( float size, float angle, string fontfile, string text )

This function calculates and returns the bounding box in pixels for a TrueType text.


The font size in pixels.


Angle in degrees in which text will be measured.


The name of the TrueType font file (can be a URL). Depending on which version of the GD library that PHP is using, it may attempt to search for files that do not begin with a leading '/' by appending '.ttf' to the filename and searching along a library-defined font path.


The string to be measured.

imagettfbbox() returns an array with 8 elements representing four points making the bounding box of the text:

0lower left corner, X position
1lower left corner, Y position
2lower right corner, X position
3lower right corner, Y position
4upper right corner, X position
5upper right corner, Y position
6upper left corner, X position
7upper left corner, Y position

The points are relative to the text regardless of the angle, so "upper left" means in the top left-hand corner seeing the text horizontally.

This function requires both the GD library and the FreeType library.

See also imagettftext().