bcompiler_write_exe_footer -- Writes the start pos, and sig to the end of a exe type file


bool bcompiler_write_exe_footer ( resource filehandle, int startpos )


This function is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this function, the name of this function, and anything else documented about this function may change without notice in a future release of PHP. Use this function at your own risk.

An EXE (or self executable) file consists of 3 parts,

The stub (executable code, e.g. a compiled C program) that loads PHP interpreter, bcompiler extension, stored Bytecodes and initiates a call for the specified function (e.g. main) or class method (e.g. main::main)
The Bytecodes (uncompressed only for the moment)
The bcompiler EXE footer

The startpos is the file position at which the Bytecodes start, and can be obtained using ftell($fh).

To obtain a suitable stub you can compile php_embed-based stub phpe.c located in the examples/embed directory on bcompiler's CVS.

Example 1. bcompiler_write_footer() example

/* creating the output file (example.exe) */
$fh = fopen("example.exe", "w");
/* 1) writing a stub (phpe.exe) */
$size = filesize("phpe.exe");
$fr = fopen("phpe.exe", "r");
fwrite($fh, fread($fr, $size), $size);
$startpos = ftell($fh);
/* 2) writing bytecodes */
bcompiler_write_class($fh, "myclass");
bcompiler_write_function($fh, "main");
/* 3) writing EXE footer */
bcompiler_write_exe_footer($fh, $startpos);
/* closing the output file */

See also bcompiler_write_header(), bcompiler_write_class(), and bcompiler_write_footer().