How to help improve the documentation

There are three ways everyone can help improve this documentation.

If an error is found in this manual, in any language, please report them using the bug system at Classify the bug as "Documentation Problem". All documentation related problems, including those about manual formats, should be submitted as bug reports.

Note: Please don't abuse the bug system by submitting requests for help. Instead, one of the many support options

By contributing notes, users may provide additional examples, caveats, and clarifications for other readers. But please do not submit bug reports using the annotation system. For details, see the section titled 'About user notes'.

The PHP manual is translated into many languages. Knowing English and a foreign language allows for another way to help improve the PHP manual by working with a translation team. For information about starting a new translation, or helping a currently translated version, please read

The PHP Documentation Project also has an IRC channel where many manual authors hang out. Stop by #phpdoc on and discuss ways to improve the PHP documentation.